The Dave Barry-Ridley Pearson Show

Pulitzer Prize winning humorist Dave Barry and New York Times best-selling author Ridley Pearson put on a great show at Books Inc. tonight here in Alameda. I was in awe of their talent before this event, but, by the end, wished I could somehow hang out with them, have some fun and try to suck up as much of their writing karma as I possibly could. Maybe some of it will rub off anyway.

Here are two shots. (There were many to choose from.) It seems that they have been collaborating on books for young readers for some time now. The first books are a series, a pre-quel to Peter Pan (I didn’t know it, but we actually have one of the books). The latest book is called Science Fair and it’s a complicated middle school mystery novel. It sounds hilarious and I might have to read it.

They read from the book and then did the famous Mentos-Diet Coke experiment. They make a great team.











Diet Coke Experiment

Diet Coke Experiment


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