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Mary Lee Shalvoy is a freelance writer, marketer and photographer living in Alameda, California. She is the mother of three daughters–a set of twins plus one more. Her email address is Or, follow her on Twitter @mommommom.


7 thoughts on “Contact Mary Lee

  1. Donna Holderbaum

    Mary Lee,
    Sorry I missed your call. I was on a long-winded call with my boss. Let’s catch up again today when you have time. I love your columns; read 2 and will read the rest later. Terrific writing!

    Call you later…


  2. Angie

    Thanks Marylee for forwarding your website to me. I took a moment to read your article that was
    in the sun….and I was actually at that mass when father discussed that very topic. What a
    wonderful article. My father and the way you were raised is scaringly similar to my own.
    I have only heard the words I love you once out of my father and it was on my wedding video!
    I tear up each and every time I see it. You are a wonderful writer!

  3. Deirdre O'Hara

    Hi Mary Lee
    Long time no see! Susan’s wedding, wasn’t it? The girls are trying to set up an alumni association so I am filling in some of the older contact details and came across this site. Please email me your details if you would like to be involved, I hope you will.
    All the best

  4. Fan

    You are incredible! Great columns! A huge following on Twitter! You have become somewhat of an icon. Cool!

    Inspired I am!


  5. Allison Bliss

    Hi Mary Lee; What a darling story you wrote on Betty Lucas’ “Get Hooped” class in Alameda Magazine. Amazing how you so cleverly captured the joy (and strength-building benefits) we get in this class from such an awesome teacher. Nice job. “give it a whirl” – aw, how cute!


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