Here is where I blog. Blog sounds vulgar, doesn’t it? Like a euphemism for a really horrible bodily function. Like puke, or piss. ‘Dude! He just blogged all over the couch, ew,’ is what I could hear one of my teenagers say. I suppose it can mean that for some blogs. Someone just regurgitating their internal thoughts all over their computer screen and then posting it for anyone to see. Sounds great, doesn’t it? A revolution of sorts. Kind of revolting.

With that said, this is my blog. Where I post stuff. I am on Facebook, Twitter, have a Tumblr account I can’t find, have set up camp on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram. At those places, I post the social Mary Lee, the persona I have created for the world to experience. I am mommommom, I am Mary Lee, I am a writer, a marketer, a photographer, a thinker, a student, a single, divorced mother to three girls, first young and now, as time passes, teenagers and soon to be young adults and college students. I used to be funny, now I’m not so sure. It’s all me and, on some days, it’s not me at all.

Everyone has created a social persona; it’s part of the Internet contract. It’s not really your most authentic self, because most of us use a filter when we post on social media. We choose specifically what we want the world to see in us. Even those accounts that seem completely authentic, each post is a carefully chosen representation of what the account holder wants the world to see. Even the people who say they don’t filter, that is a filter in itself.

I am following the World-Changing Writing Workshop Intro today, which comes with a challenge to write 200 words for 20 minutes for seven days. This is Day 1.


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